In 2017, Sai Prasad, the visionary Founder of Sai Aashraya, set foot in the United States, and since then, he and his Co-founder wife, Sarika, traversed the nation, delivering powerful lectures from the west to the east coast. These captivating talks, centred on the principles of 'Love for Humanity' and the transformative philosophy of 'Ceiling on Desires,' provide a potent antidote to the world's woes stemming from greed and apathy.

Infused with personal stories of encounters with Syrian and Sudanese children, the couple's lectures resonate as a testament to the unifying and healing power of love. They passionately share the inspiring journey of Sai Aashraya, evolving from a modest group of volunteers to a force creating a profound impact in India. 

Their call to action goes beyond financial contributions, urging communities to make a difference locally. This call led to the initiation of serving hot, fresh oatmeal to the homeless in the forgotten camps under highway bridges and footpaths in Oakland. Witnessing the dire conditions, Sai Aashraya took a bold step, committing not only to provide a healthy breakfast but also to empower individuals towards self-sustainability.

This compassionate spark ignited a movement, inspiring many Americans to join Sai's mission of selfless service. The inception of the Oakland Breakfast Seva Project in November 2018 marked the beginning of a transformative journey, sowing the seeds of positive change in the heart of the Bay Area."

Every day, our dedicated volunteers at Sai Aashraya serve hot, fresh oatmeal and coffee, made at home, accompanied by fresh fruits, juice, and water, to over 300 individuals living in slums and encampments near 24th and MLK in Oakland, Downtown Dallas, and San Francisco. More than a meal, it's an expression of love. 

Beyond Food & Nutrition, our volunteers take the time to sit and talk, offering a listening ear and letting them know they are cared for. Sai Aashraya goes a step further by addressing the medical needs of these communities, providing counselling, arranging hospital visits, and celebrating birthdays and festivals with the homeless.

Our mission extends beyond immediate relief. We aim to empower individuals for sustainable living. We assist in obtaining social security cards, registering individuals in tiny homes, shelters, and county-provided housing programs for low/no income. We work closely with the authorities to provide housing solutions, including tough sheds and shelters, striving to transition people into stable, safe living conditions.

Collaborating with Bay Area organizations, government entities, and private staffing agencies, we offer career-building training, secure stable jobs, and facilitate access to essential resources. Beyond these initiatives, we maintain a constant presence in Oakland, offering fresh healthy lunches on weekends and reaching out to low-income and homeless communities.

At Sai Aashraya, our commitment is not just about providing assistance; it's about fostering dignity, empowerment, and lasting change in the lives of those we serve. 

Since its inception in December 2018, Sai Aashraya's dedicated volunteers in the Bay Area, California, San Francisco and Dallas have served several thousands of hot, fresh breakfasts to individuals experiencing homelessness. Daily interactions with people at encampments have earned our volunteers the endearing title of the 'OATMEAL GUYS,' as they bring warmth and nourishment every morning.

Beyond meals, Sai Aashraya is a beacon of holistic support. We assist in obtaining social security cards, registering individuals in tiny homes, shelters, and county-provided housing programs for low/no income. Volunteers actively engage in job applications, resume preparation, and coordination with staffing organizations and training programs. The impact is profound—several individuals have been permanently lifted out of homelessness, securing jobs at reputable companies like Amazon, Tesla, USPS, Goodeggs, to name a few. 

Our commitment extends beyond material assistance. Spending quality time, offering therapeutic care, and providing counselling have forged deep connections between volunteers and those served. This compassionate approach has resulted in reduced drug consumption and created a sense of community. 

Sai Aashraya today is an integral part of the community. Invited to county job fairs to set up tents for job and housing registrations, our impact is visible and celebrated. The experiences and stories, shared between volunteers and the individuals they serve, form a testament to the transformative power of selfless service and the principle of 'Ceiling on Desires.' 

To delve deeper into the philosophy that propels Sai Aashraya's Seva Projects in the USA, watch this video: Ceiling on Desires and the Genesis of Seva Projects in the USA — and witness how 'Ceiling on Desires' kindled the flame of service projects that are changing lives and creating a united family bound by love and compassion. 




At Sai Aashraya, we're dedicated to creating pathways to employment for those in need. Collaborating with Bay Area and other staffing organizations in different states, we connect individuals with various job openings in leading companies. Explore opportunities in the following notable categories: 

  1. Culinary Excellence: Chef / Sous Chef, Restaurant Manager, Server
  2. Technical Proficiency: Assembly Technician / Manufacturing Support
  3. Logistics and Operations: Warehouse / Material Handler / Fork Lifter / Equipment Handler
  4. Administrative Roles: Clerk / Manager / Bookkeeping, Office Administrator / Office Assistant
  5. Technology and Engineering: Programmer / Software Engineer
  6. Skilled Trades: Electrician / Plumber / Masonry/Carpentry/Security
  7. Senior Living Support: Senior Support Living Assistance
  8. General Positions: Packager / Mail Sorter, and many more... 

While job requirements vary, all applicants will need a valid ID, social security, and undergo a background check. We believe in second chances—employers often have openings for individuals with past challenges like prison time or drug history. Salaries vary based on the role, and many employers offer medical and other benefits.

If you're interested, reach out to us at or text/call us at (510) 686-3330. Leave a message, and we'll assist you in preparing your resume, job applications, obtaining ID, securing housing support, and navigating interviews to help you land the job and improve your living conditions.

Your journey to a brighter future starts with a single step—let us walk with you.

Current Job Opportunities

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