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Journey of a Heart - Sai Aashraya's Blog in Indiaspora

A heartfelt blog penned by Sai Prasad Venkatachalam, Founder, Sai Aashraya about the Mission of Love & Service that we all are on. 
This has been published by Indiaspora, an Inspiring organisation with a Mission to inspire the Indian Diaspora to be a force for good by providing a platform to collaborate and build community engagement and catalyse social change. 
The blog provides a concise yet comprehensive overview of Sai Aashraya's remarkable journey, chronicling its saga of Love and Service, ultimately bringing readers up to the present day and showcases the impactful milestones achieved along the way.

Finding God & Love in Syria

The New Indian Express highlighted Sai's journey:

The blood-curdling, ongoing civil war in Syria has made even the believers believe that the country has been forsaken by god. A Bengaluru youngster, after a personal tragedy, visited the Syrian border to help the refugees and he shares with City Express the tale of seeing god amidst the chaos. It was in their smile, says V Sai Prasad.

Indiawest Journal - Journey of a Heart

Sai’s inner calling is to selflessly serve the most underserved amongst us. His objective is to further Sai Aashraya’s mission of Love & Service far and wide to touch many more lives in the times to come. Sai and his Team envision a future where individuals, and communities they work with, attain self-reliance. They view this as a humble contribution toward the broader vision of Global harmony and Universal Peace.

Servicing the most marginalized with love: The American Bazaar

Servicing the most marginalized with love: The American Bazaar

From Syria to a Super Speciality Hospital: Regina Gurung

From Syria to a Super Speciality Hospital: Seven Years Journey of Seva - Regina Gurung

Touching millions of lives through Love and Service ft. Sai Prasad

Touching millions of lives through Love and Service ft. Sai Prasad - Podcast by Pitch Cafe

Chronicles of Love:
Video Documentary Series

Audio Visual Updates

Our YouTube channel regularly features audio-visual updates from the construction of Sai Aashraya Super Speciality Hospital (SASSH) and highlights all the Seva Projects that are carried out round the clock.

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