Sai Aashraya Super Speciality Hospital (SASSH)

Sai Aashraya's Medicare Seva initiatives stand as a beacon of transformative impact, weaving hope and healing into the lives of thousands across India's diverse and challenging landscapes. Operating in the most under-served communities, our dedicated team of volunteers have carried out super-Speciality Medicare camps, touching the lives of over 85,000 patients as of October 2023. 

While witnessing significant improvements in the health and overall well-being of individuals in these remote areas, we encountered a constant challenge in facilitating timely surgeries for children and elders in need. Despite our earnest attempts to collaborate with various private and charitable healthcare institutions, we faced obstacles rooted in two key issues – lack of affordability and insufficient prioritization. 

As the number of patients treated continued to rise, so did the demand for invasive procedures. It was at this juncture that we felt an overwhelming need to build our own haven of healing, a Super Speciality Hospital which will function as a Temple of Healing. Our vision is to be a sanctuary that extends state of the art, holistic and loving Medicare to the most underserved amongst us, unconditionally and without cost.
Through our journey over the past 7 years, we've gained valuable insights. We've observed that our most significant impact has been in the fields of Cardiac care for both children and adults, along with Obstetrics and Gynaecology (OB/GYN). In the rural areas where we work the most, addressing Congenital Heart Disease in children has been a primary concern. Additionally, we've witnessed the vast prevalence of heart issues among adults in these remote regions, resulting in loss of lives mainly due to limited awareness and inadequate access to quality healthcare. This has left many families in tatters. Our experience has also shed light on the challenges faced by mothers in need of Obstetrics procedures. Many find themselves compelled to undertake challenging journeys, often compromising their health, to seek quality treatment in distant places also spending a lot of their financial resources.
Recognizing the profound need for a dedicated state of the art healthcare facility, we reached out to the Government of Karnataka for support in securing land to bring our vision of a Temple of Healing to life. Guided by sage wisdom of our accomplished mentors who have devoted their lives to serving our great Nation, and fuelled by two years of persistent efforts, our plea was met with a significant breakthrough. The Government of Karnataka through the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board (KIADB) granted us a generous subsidy on 5 acres of land in Vemagal, Kolar District, Karnataka. This pivotal step not only symbolized a partnership with the government but also marked the foundation of our collective commitment to providing holistic healthcare to those in need.
Presently, the construction of our 220 Bed Super Speciality Hospital specializing in Paediatric and Adult Cardiac Care, and Mother & Child Care (OB/GYN) is 80 percent complete. This monumental endeavour is our offering to our Motherland and the world, slated to open its doors in early 2024. The vision of our hospital is to provide the highest quality of healthcare to the most underserved amongst us. This will be a healing haven — a hospital that promises solace and recovery. 

Along with the establishment of our hospital, Sai Aashraya is extending its embrace to over 50 surrounding villages through the Sai Aashraya Village Integrated Programme (SAVIP). Throughout the construction phase and beyond, we are committed and are holding weekly Super Speciality Medicare Camps in each school and village. The transformative Breakfast Seva project is poised to spread its wings, reaching more schools in these villages. A world class Central Kitchen, with the capacity to serve nearly 10,000 people daily in the hospital's vicinity, is set to become a beacon of nourishment enabling the envisioned transformation. Beyond creating employment opportunities for the local population and those in the surrounding areas, we are committed to igniting the spark of knowledge and innovation. STEM training programs meticulously designed by our volunteers, will be offered to the youth in every neighboring village, ensuring not just economic empowerment but also fostering a culture of learning and advancement.
Our paramount objective of adopting villages around the hospital campus is to enable a profound transformation in the lives of those in and around this district, establishing an inspiring precedent for neighboring areas to emulate. This mirrors the time-tested modus operandi that has been the bedrock of our transformative Gram Seva in villages over the years, a legacy of impact echoing far beyond the confines of our immediate reach. 
The image that you see in the background is a 3D Rendering of how our Hospital will look when the construction is completed. Visualize this — being there, standing by our side when the first little heart is healed and finds solace in the sacred halls of our Temple of Healing! 


Dear Readers, here are the Salient Features of Sai Aashraya Super Speciality Hospital. The slides will give us the highlights of this magnificent Seva Project that is a dream that all of us in Sai Aashraya share. Let us all work together with all the Love in our hearts as one Team to realize this one dream that all of us share. One Team One Dream! 


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