Arunachal Pradesh Medicare & Gram Seva

Sai Aashraya's Seva initiatives in Arunachal Pradesh originated out of the blue. During a compelled vacation with friends, two of our volunteers found themselves in the captivating landscapes of the Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh, part of the enchanting North Eastern region of India. Amidst the serenity, a poignant reality captured their attention. Interacting with families in the humble hamlets surrounding the district, they discovered a distressing commonality—a significant number of young children, youth, and middle-aged individuals had either succumbed to or were grappling with severe cardiac issues. 

The heart-wrenching stories shared by parents, particularly mothers, revealed a recurring narrative of children suddenly lying breathless, with help arriving too late to make a difference. Moved by this revelation, Sai Aashraya promptly collaborated with the District Administration and the Indian Army. With their support, we were granted the opportunity to initiate and conduct specialized healthcare camps, focusing on super-specialty medical interventions. This unforeseen opportunity presented itself, and we seized it wholeheartedly. 

Embarking on an arduous journey that tests our endurance, our Mobile Medical Unit travels from Bangalore to the remote Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh, carrying a vital payload of essential medicines and state-of-the-art medical equipment. The dedicated team of doctors and volunteers, after reaching Guwahati, Assam by air, embarks on a challenging 20-hour road journey to the serene Tawang District in Arunachal Pradesh.

The subsequent four-day series of camps unfolds in the farthest corners of Western Arunachal Pradesh, where our doctors provide holistic patient care. Every individual and their families receive dedicated time, from monitoring vitals to conducting advanced cardiac assessments, including ECG and 2D Echo with Colour Doppler. These procedures are seamlessly executed at various venues, including Primary Health Centres (PHCs), Community Health Centres (CHCs) in villages, and the Field Hospitals of the Indian Army. Sai Aashraya's cutting-edge telemedicine infrastructure has recently enabled comprehensive treatment and follow-up with patients from Arunachal, backed by the Indian Army and District Administration, making our telemedicine outreach camps highly successful and essential, especially during delays in reaching Arunachal for the next Seva edition. 

Dispensing medicines for an extensive period of two months and ten days (70 days), we return promptly for the next round of camps within a 60-day period. Our volunteers go beyond medical aid, distributing blankets, sweaters, and hoodies to those in need. Simple yet impactful gestures, such as providing tongue cleaners or belts to elderly grandpas, evoke immeasurable joy, often leaving us deeply moved.

Our Gratitude goes to the District administration, particularly the proactive District Medical Officer, who seize the initiative to leverage mass communication channels such as All India Radio and local TV channels. Through repeated broadcasts in both Hindi and the local Monpa language, information about the impactful Seva conducted by Sai Aashraya is disseminated, ensuring those in need of treatment were aware of the available opportunities. 

Seva transcends immediate medical relief. Over the years, our volunteers have played a pivotal role in fostering education, providing study materials, stationery, and facilitating the self-sufficiency of numerous families by supporting employment opportunities. Regular counselling sessions with parents have resulted in children re-joining schools, and young individuals pursuing higher education, illustrating the enduring impact of our commitment to service. 

The remarkable transformation in the health and well-being of the people we serve is truly heartening to witness. Through our dedicated efforts, we've not only provided medical assistance but have also raised awareness about the significance of proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. This crucial awareness has led to profound transformations in people's lives, marking significant strides in their overall well-being.

Our lady volunteers, in particular, spend considerable time in educating mothers about maternal health, contributing to heightened awareness and positive transformations in this crucial aspect of healthcare. Beyond physical health, our educational initiatives extend to empowering communities with knowledge about life-threatening conditions such as heart attacks and strokes. Equipping individuals with the skills to respond effectively in such critical situations has been a pivotal part of our mission. 

An additional positive outcome of our endeavours is the knowledge transfer that occurs within the medical community. Junior physicians have had the opportunity to learn from our experienced doctors, whose healing touch has impacted thousands of lives throughout their careers. The collaborative exchange of medical knowledge contributes to the continuous growth of healthcare professionals in the region.

Recognizing the vital role played by nursing staff in local medical facilities, our doctors dedicate time during camps to impart life-changing lessons. This not only upskills the nursing staff but also boosts their confidence in serving the community in these remote areas. The cascading effect of our efforts is not only seen in improved health outcomes but also in the empowerment and education of individuals and healthcare professionals alike. 

A focal point of our service in this region is the early identification and treatment of congenital heart disease (CHD). Over the years, we have successfully facilitated surgeries for children with the support of charitable institutions, government initiatives, and private hospitals. As our own hospital nears completion, we have initiated the process of empanelling patients who may eventually require surgery but can afford to wait for a few months. This strategic approach in the future will enable us to conduct surgeries in our own Temple of Healing, ensuring comprehensive and timely care for the people from this region. 

With invaluable support from the Indian Army, we have successfully adopted villages, conducted training programs, empowered individuals, and collaborated with the administration to enhance healthcare quality. Cementing their commitment, the Indian Army has chosen to institutionalize their partnership with us. The District Administration has played a pivotal role in enabling us to impact the lives of thousands in and around this district.

Over the years, we have witnessed a transformative shift in the landscape of this area—boasting world-class roads, an expanding high-quality healthcare infrastructure, an influx of visitors from outside, and, most importantly, a palpable sense of joy among the region's residents. Harnessing this energy and momentum, we have heightened awareness and expanded our outreach. 




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